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Imam Muhammad Ikhlas

Family Legacy and Early Influences:  

Raised in a household where education and Islamic values were paramount, Muhammad's parents were active members of Masjid Malcolm Shabazz (formerly Temple No. 7), where his mother led the sisters' drill team, and his father had the honor of opening for Malcolm X before his speeches. Muhammad's childhood was shaped by the rich Islamic environment cultivated by his family and community.

Educational Journey and Military Service:  

After completing high school, Muhammad served four years in the United States Marine Corps, where he played a crucial role in the security detail for former President Bill Clinton's helicopter squadron. Concurrently, he pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, later graduating and relocating to Washington D.C. for further academic pursuits.  

Community Engagement and Legal Career:  

Throughout his educational journey, Muhammad remained deeply involved in community service, particularly at Masjid Muhammad in Washington D.C., fondly known as the "Nation's Mosque."

Serving in various capacities, including guest khatib and troop leader for the Boy Scouts, Muhammad dedicated over a decade to serving the community.  

Presently, Imam Muhammad balances his role as a practicing attorney specializing in real estate and litigation with his commitment to Masjid Freehaven. He also shares his knowledge by teaching Arabic and Islamic Studies at Clara Muhammad Sunday School.

In his leisure time, Muhammad enjoys quality moments with his wife and four children, pursues further Arabic studies, and maintains his fitness regimen alongside fellow brothers from Masjid Freehaven. Imam Muhammad's journey exemplifies a steadfast dedication to faith, community, and service, enriching the lives of those around him and embodying the spirit of Islamic values in action.

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