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Sis. Clara Muhammad

In 1918, a great woman by the name of Clara Muhammad was married to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Together, they dedicated themselves to educating their own children and not leaving their destiny in the hands of the American educational system. They risked their lives and their freedom in an era when not only was independent education illegal, but bold, independent thinking by African Americans was considered a threat to the United States of America. As a result of their dedication to their mission, Clara and Elijah Muhammad carved a space in American history –she as The Mother of Education and he as the foundation of Islam in America- and opened up the very first Islamic School in the nation; thus changing the face of freedom and education in America forever.


​In 2001, in an attempt to supplement our children’s academic education, the Sister Clara Muhammad Sunday School at Masjid Freehaven was founded. Over the past 18 years our enrollment has reach a high of 110 students and 24 staff members. The student body and staff members represent diverse countries of origin, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Pakistan,India, Africa as well as the United States. The school offers courses in the Study of the Qur’an, Qur’anic Arabic, and Islamic Studies. We use the name of Sister Clara Mohammed as a salute to her bravery and courage. We are still praying for the day that we can open a full time Islamic School for the children in South Jersey.

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