Honoring the Legacy of Sis. Clara Muhammad:

Pioneering Education in America

Honoring the Legacy of

Sis. Clara Muhammad:

Pioneering Education in America

In 1918, Clara Muhammad married Elijah Muhammad, initiating a bold endeavor to oversee their children's education independently, defying the norms of the American educational system. Amidst an era hostile to African American innovation and when independent education was prohibited, Clara and Elijah demonstrated exceptional courage, risking their lives and liberty. Their commitment earned Clara the title "The Mother of Education" and established Elijah as a pillar of Islam in America. Together, they founded the nation's inaugural Islamic School, permanently altering America's educational and freedom landscape.

Enriching Islamic Education Year-Round

The Sister Clara Muhammad Sunday School operates annually from September to June, mirroring the traditional school year. Each June, we culminate the academic year with an End of the Year ceremony. This event celebrates the achievements of our students, featuring Quranic recitations, short plays performed by younger students, and acknowledgments for their hard work and dedication.  

Join us in honoring the legacy of Sis. Clara Muhammad and continuing her vision of empowering future generations through education.  

What We Teach

Islamic Studies

Explore the rich history, core beliefs, and ethical teachings of Islam to develop a deep understanding of the faith.

Quranic Arabic

Learn to read and write Arabic, focusing on Quranic based arabic.

Quranic Studies

Delve into the teachings of the Quran, mastering its recitation, interpretation, and application to daily life.

Honoring the Legacy of Sis. Clara Muhammad: Pioneering Education in America

In 2001, the Sister Clara Muhammad Sunday School at Masjid Freehaven was established to complement our children's academic education. Over the past 18 years, our enrollment has soared to a high of 110 students, with a dedicated team of 24 staff members. Our diverse student body and staff hail from countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Africa, and the United States.   The school curriculum includes comprehensive courses in the Study of the Qur'an, Qur'anic Arabic, and Islamic Studies. By adopting the name of Sister Clara Muhammad, we pay tribute to her bravery and fortitude. Our ultimate goal is to establish a full-time Islamic School for the children of South Jersey.

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